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A Petition for Daylight Savings .

Working is not supposed to be monotonous all the time. Employees should get their leaves and break times, aside from the standard day-offs.Read more about Daylight Saving at learn more. It is mandatory for every company to provide benefits to their employees. It is part of the local law and every business should comply to it. Employees should only work in the standard work hours, preferably during the day but it would depend on the type of business. There are some businesses that only operate during night time. There are even others that have graveyard shifts. That means that employees are supposed to work late in the evening until dawn. It can be a very stressful shift for many but they seem to adjust in the schedule soon after.

With the busy schedule and the time to adjust to it, many employees often feel that they are no longer living in the normal world. It even gets worst with the daylight savings time. The daylight savings time history started when an idea about giving an extra time for employees to break from work before sunset was made. The time shift allows business and their employees to shift their work hour and operation schedule at some point of the month.Read more about Daylight Saving at daylight savings time history . The daylight savings time actually starts randomly, depending on the season. It is more of a political matter rather than a natural one. Back in history, several workers already made a protest with regards to the shift of schedule. Many say that it is not necessary. Other would say that daylight savings time is not something that should be mandated to every worker. However, the government made it a law to follow for every business. Thus, every business owner should comply. The government things that daylight savings reduces crime, saves energy, and even reduces the number of car accidents in the country. Some might think that there is a political bias when it was implemented but according to officials, it is just for the better good. Nonetheless, daylight savings time is more of a nuisance than a benefit. An end daylight savings time petition is underway to stop daylight savings time in the country. It will affect many foreign businesses as well but it will help workers be regulated in their work schedule. Adjusting in daylight savings time is not that easy, although it is only just for one hour. There are other things to do at home and besides, it is not very healthy for employees working on graveyard shifts.Learn more from

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